Winter Parking and Snow Removal Regulations

Winter Parking Regulations Begin December 1st; City of Cedarburg Ordinance 10-1-33:

No person shall park any vehicle on any street in the City of Cedarburg for a period of time longer than thirty (30) minutes between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. between December 1 and April 1. This prohibition shall not apply to physicians or ambulances on emergency calls. This Section shall not alter or effect any other ordinance of the City of Cedarburg related to parking and towing of vehicles during a snow emergency.


Snow and Ice Removal; City of Cedarburg Ordinance 6-2-7(a):

Removal From Sidewalks: The owner, occupant or person in charge of any parcel or lot which fronts upon or adjoins any sidewalk shall keep said sidewalk clear of all snow and ice. In the event of snow accumulating on said sidewalk due to natural means and/or by any other means, said sidewalks shall be cleared of all accumulated snow and/or ice within twenty-four (24) hours from the time the snow ceases to accumulate on said sidewalk. Sidewalks are to be kept clear of snow and ice to a minimum of four (4) feet in width. In the event that ice has formed on any sidewalk in such a manner that it cannot be removed, the owner, occupant or person in charge of the parcel or lot which fronts upon or adjoins said sidewalk shall keep the sidewalk sprinkled with sand and/or salt to permit safe travel by pedestrians.

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