The Cedarburg Police Department was established in 1885. During the early 1900s, Constables Fred Asche, Charles Gottschalk, Wm Fitzgerald Bruss, Ed Weber Jr. Henry Miller and William Mitzloff served the community. The first jail was a small room in the basement of the Turner Hall on North Washington Ave. It was used mainly to lock up a stranger overnight for disturbing the peace after imbibing too much at a local tavern. They were often given bread and water for breakfast and sent on their way.

Otto Beckmann
In the early 1900s, O. C. Beckmann was the city’s only constable. He used a stop watch and whistle to clock speeders between two posts. If he whistled and the driver stopped, he would arrest him. He had no car to pursue those who did not stop. Occasionally, he was provided a rented car complete with driver. Time clocks were installed at Firemen’s Park (north end of the city) and at the Canning Company (south end of the city) which he was to punch twice a night during his tour of duty.

August Frank
Police Chief August Frank served from 1932 to 1944. Calls came into the power plant. If the Chief was reached, the employees at the power plant would dim all the street lights in the city.
Above: Police Chief August Frank next to Cedarburg Police Dept. squad car in front of the old power plant on Mequon Ave. – date unknownAbove and below: Police Chief August Frank (4th from left) with other unidentified law enforcement officers – date unknown


Mequon Ave.
In the 1930s, the old firehouse on Mequon Ave. was remodeled as a W.P.A. project, providing a small office and jail.

Edmund Bienlein
Police Chief Edmund Bienlein served from 1944 to 1954. During this period of time he would give driver tests, receiving a quarter back from the state for each one he administered. Finally he could buy the first radio to be placed in the jail. When the employee at the power plant would get a telephone call, he would go to the jail and call the squad by radio.

Wallace Hoffmann

Police Chief Wallace W. Hoffmann served from 1954 to 1974.
Police Station Hanover Ave. May 1992 In June of 1969, the Police Department moved to a location on Hanover Ave (next to the Post Office). In the new station there was a shooting range, court/meeting room, photography facility, and dispatcher room. In August of 1974 the dispatch center started to provide 24-hour dispatch coverage.

Wilbur Thompson

In July of 1974, Lieutenant J. Wilbur Thompson was appointed Acting Chief of Police then later appointed Chief of Police in January of 1975, retiring in 1977. After his retirement, the Police and Fire commission hired Chief Eugene Zangle of Mayville. After working in Cedarburg for two weeks, Chief Zangle resigned and returned to his position as Chief of the Mayville Police Department.

Eugene Boevers
Sgt. Mike Groth was appointed Acting Chief until 1978 when Eugene Boevers of Fond Du Lac was named Chief. Mike Groth became Assistant Chief until his retirement in 1979.

George Rees

Upon his retirement, Detective George R. Rees was named Assistant Chief and Officer Mike Caldwell named to Detective Sergeant. He became Lieutenant in January of 1980.Chief Boevers resigned in 1981 and George R. Rees was promoted to Chief until his retirement in March of 1999.

Thomas Frank
Sergeant Paul Jacobs was named Acting Chief until July 1999 when Thomas J. Frank was appointed as the seventh Chief of Police in the history of the Cedarburg Police Department. Sgt. Jacobs retired in June of 2000.

Police Station Wauwatosa Road

In addition to recruiting a new Police Chief, construction crews were in the process of turning 3.5 acres of land on the corner of Wauwatosa Road and Western Avenue into a $4.4 million police facility and park. Staff moved into the new station on March 27, 2000.
cpdpatch Currently the Cedarburg Police Department consists of 20 sworn officers, six full-time dispatchers, one administrative secretary, one records clerk, and one custodian.

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